For children, making art is a central part of their exploration of the world. Young children approach problems with inventiveness and are willing to take risks. Older children become more fearful of failure. We believe that diverse art experiences help children to become more confident both visually and intellectually. This confidence encourages children to become more adventurous and excited in their learning.

In all our projects, the children focus on drawing and painting first, to extend their skills before they make the mosaic using glass tiles. A mosaic project is not just about the finished product. There is always a wealth of high quality preparatory work to display in school. The finished design is always faithful to the chlldren's work and is a true representation of their invention and skill.

Mosaics are very long lasting and relatively maintenance free. A small panel can have a very large impact,  they offer Schools very good value for money and are highly appreciated by children, parents and the local community.