We run practical Inset training exploring all aspects of the Art curriculum.

Many Schools have members of staff who have had an art training, however, there are others that have made no art since their schooldays and would welcome the chance to refamiliarise themselves with techniques. A school with a coherent art strategy really enriches the wider curriculum. Schools find it useful to have a day to clarify exactly what the art curriculum is there for and what skills are important. An Inset day offers hands on experience for teachers to remember the fun of making art, and also the opportunity  to discuss ways of helping children progress and grow in confidence. 

We can tailor the inset to suit your focus; for instance we have delivered workshops aimed specifically at the Nursery and Early Years, offering a spectrum of printing and sculpture techniques.

We see DRAWING as underpinning all Art experiences. Introducing new and different materials and ways of drawing, helps children to extend their understanding of sometimes difficult concepts like tone and space. We have found it helpful for inset days to have a clear focus and not to be too ambitous in embracing the whole art curriculum in one hit.

SCULPTURE is often an area in need of reinvigorating. By introducing 3D projects eg mask making and free standing sculpture that uses recycled materials, papier mache, wire and clay, we can show how a piece of sculpture can be developed over a number of sessions. We can also introduce techniques like plaster casting and screen printing - useful for making banners and tee shirts - a chance to make a very professional product.